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Early-reggae band The Upsessions is actually better known abroad than in the home country of the Netherlands. They played at all major ska & reggae festivals in Europe. A tight and swinging rhythm section with frugal organ themes, horn section, beautiful polyphonic vocals and catchy melodies make this company a special band with a unique and very recognizable sound.

For several years this was their official website.
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

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The Upsessions - They Say


The Early Reggae Story It all started in January 2005, when a Dutch reggae trombone player, named Giel Mulder, had the idea, to found an early reggae band. Not to copy the 60s reggae sound, but to take it by the hand and use it in his own way. Together with singer/songwriter Boss van Trigt, a formerly member of Rude Rich and the Highnotes, he searched for the right musicians to complete the band.

In no time, The Upsessions were a fact. Soon, they recorded their first demo-CD and send it to record labels, magazines and booking agencies. Some booking agencies and record labels directly showed their interest in The Upsessions. In the meantime The Upsessions had their first couple of shows in Holland. With alot of success, they played at Hollands biggest ska-happening, the DutchSka Festival, in De Melkweg (Amsterdam). Soon, The Upsessions went international, playing in France, Switzerland, Belgium and at big festivals (This-is-Ska Festival and Summer Safari) in Germany.

In September 2006, The Upsessions proudly signed a contract, offered by legendary UK Ska record label MoonSkaWorld, bringing out their album The New Heavyweight Champion in May 2007. After many rave reviews about The Upsessions debut album and two vinyl 7 inches, The Upsessions played Germanys biggest ska festival Potsdammer Skafest and the Riverside Stomp in Mainz. In 2008, The Upsessions played on the biggest South-European ska festival - RudeCat - in Girona, Spain. Later that year, they played the Mighty Sounds Festival in Prague, which counts 30.000 visitors every year. At the end of 2009, The Upsessions played their 10-day European Beat you Reggae tour, bringing them to France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. After some member changes in the beginning of 2009, they did a spring tour, visiting Copenhagen, Germany and some festivals in Holland.




The Upsessions – the early reggae story

BOOM… Here they are! Sharp-dressed, infectious, including an unbelievable organ sound and incredible stage performance.
Since 2005 the Upsessions have played all over Europe. Playing early reggae, ska, funk, Calypso and soul.
After releasing their first album “the new Heavyweight champion” on the legendary “Moon Ska” label, the Upsessions immediately played on Europe’s best reggae and ska festivals like Germany’s “This is ska festival“, “Potsdammer skafestival“, and Spain’s “Rudecat” festival in Girona.

Their second album “Beat you reggae“, released in 2009 on Grover Records/Excelsior recordings, resulted in a 10 day headliner tour across Europe, visiting 6 countries and a show on the legendary “Mighty sounds festival” in Czech republic. In 2010 the Upsessions’ big dream came true; they played a top spot on the Lowlands festival in Holland.

After bringing out their third album ‘Below the Belt’ the Upsessions played as support band for ska heroes Madness and the Specials, played all the big festivals in Holland and their music was used in movies and TV series, both in Holland and the US. In the beginning of 2014 the Upsessions even headlined the ‘Carnaska’ festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After the release of their fourth album “Shake it” ( featuring the legendary Jamaican producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry ) the Upsessions played several Dutch radio shows and they kept on doing what they like most; touring all over Europe and let the people hear their incredible pumping soulfull early reggae sound….

“Cool and deadly, rough and badly, this band is gonna rock you up madly!”


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19/05/2014 Spaghettttti Videos!

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12/05/2014 What a week! ALBUM RELEASE!

08/05/2014 Official SHAKE IT! Video out now!




Badfish/VinylOnly(2006) The New Heavyweight Champion



Excelsior Recordings/Grover Records (2010) Beat You Reggae



Excelsior Recordings/Grover Records (2011) Below The Belt



Excelsior Recordings/Grover Records (2014) Shake It!


BOOM! The Upsessions! Sharp-dressed, infectious and including an unbelievable organ sound and incredible stage performance.
The Upsessions have toured all over Europe and even in Brazil since the release of their debut album “The New Heavyweight Champion” in 2006. Playing their own distinctive mix of early reggae, ska, funk, calypso and soul.





Promotor's Horn: The stateside horror show that accompanied the introduction of this act into the US markets is still giving me nightmares. A lot of normal garbage, late payments, scheduling holdups, unavailable venues, etc. is par for the course. But the cherry on top of this one was the internet attack on the act. Searches for the act's stage name in Google revealed a ton of invented scandals and sordid posts about their personal lives. Someone is trying to destroy them with an attack of the trolls. But the Google results are the worst part of it. The attack content pages are on obscure foreign sites so if it weren't for Google's search results those horrible posts would not even be known. We consulted with a number of professional reputation management people. Very expensive and disheartening. Met with one well recommended provider that specializes in only search result removal. But was told immediately that the attack was too big. The good news is that is might be short lived. That last part is relative. It was short lived, just a couple of months, but that was enough to blow our plans up.



The Upsessions

2014 |

BOOM! The Upsessions! Sharp-dressed, infectious and including an unbelievable organ sound and incredible stage performance. The Upsessions have toured all over Europe and even in Brazil since the release of their debut album “The New Heavyweight Champion” in 2006. Playing their own distinctive mix of early reggae, ska, funk, calypso and soul.

It was in a sleazy motel room somewhere in Germany where The Upsessions teamed up with Lee Perry. As soon as they let Scratch listen to the finished tunes of the soon-to-be album, something magical happened. Instant vibes! Perry’s distinctive voice is woven like a mantra throughout the album adding a rough flavour to the songs. 14 Brand new tunes. From the summery calypso vibes of “Punani Strike” and “The Big Bamboo Treat” via dancefloor-bangers “Shake It” and “Hold Your Whining”, to skinhead-crashers “Collie Weed” and “Look Who Dem A Boss Now” back to the vibey ska instrumental “Dirty Cash” and MANY more.

Although they have already played at the more well known festivals in The Netherlands such as Lowlands, Into the Great Wide Open, de Zwarte Cross and Oerol, the Early Reggae band The Upsessions are still largely (in)famous in Germany, Eastern Europe and Spain. Besides performing at these immense festivals in the Netherlands, they have also played at all the major Ska- and Reggae festivals in Europe taking the group from France and Germany to Spain and the Czech Republic. The group specialises in Early Reggae, Rocksteady and Ska, and is largely inspired by artists such as Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals, The Skatalites and The Meters. Recognized by their funky rhythm section, unbelievable organ sound and sharp dressed, infectious live performances, The Upsessions are ready to play anywhere, anytime!

The new album 'SHAKE IT!' will be released on 2 June on Excelsior Recordings



Powered by Lee Scratch Perry – The Upsessions Release Shake It!

posts by Joachim |30/05/2014,

Boss is back. And in record time. Only last year (2013), Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Boss Van Trigt had introduced a wicked side project: Boss Capone. Recorded at home on the cheapest available equipment, his album „Another 15 Dance Floor Crashers“ had freed him from any expectations that would have accompanied a new release of his main project, the kinky early reggae matadors The Upsessions. The Boss Capone record got lots of recognition, even securing second place in the „Album Of The Year 2013“ jury votings at Reggae Steady Ska.

Now back to the present, let’s introduce „Shake It!“, the fourth album of his main project The Upsessions. The holidays have done the band incredibly good. Not wanting to “beat around the bush”, let me say: It’s a masterpiece.

The lyrics may not hold as many surprises, with sexual overtones omnipresent, overtones that – although I think I get the irony – still make me feel uncomfortable sometimes. But musically and sound wise, the band has never been as versatile, playful and creative. From the calypso styles in „The Big Bamboo Treat“ through the catchy smash single „Shake It!“ (accompanied by a colorful video), to the sick vintage riddim „Sweet Pussy Bad Cat.“ And so much more in between.
With all this in mind, it is no wonder that the „producer of producers“, the incomparable Lee „Scratch“ Perry, could be won to add some comments to the mix. „Shake It!“ will sure be with us this summer and many years to come.

The Upsessions albums are available at Moskito Mailorder, or if you prefer amazon, just click the links below:

Shake It! (Grover Records, Excelsior Recordings, 2014)
Below The Belt (Grover Records, Excelsior Recordings, 2011)
Beat You Reggae (Grover Records, Excelsior Recordings, 2009)
The New Heavyweight Champion (Moon Ska Europe, 2006)

Have a look at our list with All Reggae Steady Ska Albums Released in 2014. It’s searchable and being updated constantly.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#405 :: World Premier Of The Upsessions New Album

DJ Skin & Bone brings you a WORLD PREMIER of THE UPSESSIONS new and unreleased album plus plenty of rocksteady and ska tracks in the mix. Watch out for The Upsessions new album hitting good music outlets in October 2016. Big ups to Boss Von Trigt and The Upsessions for sharing their new tracks with GO FEET! Radio. Keep up the fine work boys! Tune this one UP!

1. Big Boss Man - Luna II
2. The Upsessions - What If These Tears
3. The Gaylads - It's Hard To Confess
4. Atsushi Moistie - Victim Of Authority
5. Toots & The Maytals - My New Name
6. The Upsessions - Dirt 'n Danger
7. Acetones- Put Upon
8. Andy Capp - The Law
9. David Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7 - The Fool
10. The Upsessions - Ride On Donkey
11. The Tennors - Ride Yu Donkey
12. Stranger & Patsy - Down By The Line
13. Joe White - Rudies All Round
14. The Upsessions - Blackberry Pie ((Mildred)
15. Count Lasher with Lynn Taitt & The Baba Brooks Band - Hooligans
16. The Upsessions with Lee Scratch Perry - Look Who Dem A Boss Now


The Upsessions - The Last Return Of Rawhide

Song The Last Return of Rawhide
Artist The Upsessions
Album This Is the Upsessions
Licensed by Believe Music (on behalf of Grover Records)



Past Shows

February 13    De Spot
Middelburg, Netherlands
February 6      Het Bolwerk
Sneek, Netherlands
December 28 De Vasim
Nijmegen, Netherlands
October 23      P60
Amstelveen (Netherlands)
September 19             Muensterland Festival
Lüdinghausen (Germany)
September 18             Muensterland Festival
Gronau (Germany)
September 5   Judge Dread Memorial
Berlin (Germany)
September 4   Villa Pace Festival
St. Niklaas (Belgium)
August 29        Vespa Twist
Solothurn (Switzerland)
July 24             Zwarte Cross
Lievelde (Netherlands)
June 19           10 Years Reggae Recipe
Maloe Melo, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
May 27            Q-Factory
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
May 5 Bevrijdings Festival
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
April 26           Freefall Festival
Arnhem (Netherlands)
April 11           Little Urban Rock Fest
Lille (France)
November 15 SuperMarkt
Den Haag, Nederlands
November 9    Le Molotov
Marseille, France
November 8   
Toulouse, France
November 7    Péniche Cancale
Dijon, France
November 6    Villeneuve D'ascq-Mde
Lille, France
November 1    Werk2
Dynamite Ska Festival, Leipzig, Germany
October 11      La Peche
Montreuil, France
September 20             Zeltfestival am Rhein
Reduit, Germany
September 19             Ost Klub
Vienna, Austria
September 18             Tiki Bar
Regensburg, Germany
August 30        Apart Stage
Maanrock, Mechelen, Belgie
August 10        Judge Dread Memorial Show Folkestone Ska Fest 2014
Kent (UK)
August 8          Judge Dread Memorial Try Out Maloe Melo
Amsterdam (NL)
July 18             East Summer Festival
Dieulouard (FR)
July 12             Loungefest
Noordwijkerhout (NL)
May 31            Sniester festival
Den Haag (NL)
May 10            SHAKE IT! Album release party OT301
Amsterdam (NL)
May 5 Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht
Utrecht (NL)
May 3 Kaktusfarm
Dortmund (DE)
April 30           Reduit
Mainz-Kastel (DE)




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